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What are your strategies for staying positive?

Posted on December 27, 2015 by Sherry


I think being positive is just like any other God given talent, you have it or you don’t.  I have no problems with looking on the bright side or finding the good in every situation. Some situations can be more challenging than other, but By God I try!  I have come to the conclusion that not everyone has this gift and if they do not everyone wants to use it.  Like painting, singing, writing or dancing being positive should and does just come naturally with no mental effort required.  How and what strategies do I use to stay positive? Meditation (most days), learning something new all the time (classes, books, and online tutorials), distancing myself from people who are unable or unwilling to even try to be positive and physical exercise.  I also am finding that honoring my moods and whims ; including but not limited to shopping, art, crafting, tarot cards,  and burning candles causes me to be uplifted and high vibrational. I also practice staying in the present moment and at the very least staying in my house two practices that work wonders! Another good trick to staying upbeat and positive is to limit my exposure to American Culture and Programming as much as I can as this is an inherent drag on the human spirit.  Ditch Organized religion of all sorts, being nice and kind to random People and travel also quickly elevate the Positive Vibes!  Last but definitely not least, hang out with your Tribe and cook your own food whenever possible. Remember everything is Energy, Protect your Magic & Keep On Keeping On!

Need A little Help getting over the Hump or an Energy Reiki Session, Chakra Clearing or any other Spiritual Guidance? I can help you clear some junk and connect to your own Intuitive Soul and Life’s purpose so YOU can be at peace and find your own way to Happiness and Positive Living!  In person or Distance/Phone Services Available Call my Google phone:  (972) 863-2814 or Local: 806-928-9041 or Email:

Thank you!

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