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Moon in Capricorn

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Moon is traveling through Capricorn today. Make a list of goals. Work overtime. Climb higher. Don't sulk.


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February 2017 Love & Blessings Magick Ritual

Posted on February 05, 2017 by Sherry

Yesterday for My Ritual Magick today I lit a Red Candle (chime) for Love and anointed it with Frankincense oil and lit a Rose incense stick. I consecrated that candle (stroking the oil from top to bottom so as to receive and lit with Left hand) with Love and Gratitude to:

All those who love me Past, Present and Future

All my Clients Past, Present and Future

All my Friends who are on my team Past, Present and Future

All my lovers Past, Present and Future

All monies that have been made Past, Present and Future

All my business success Past, Present and Future

To all my Family Past, Present and Future

To all my Pets Past, Present and Future

To Acknowledge my debt in a loving manner as a symbol of trust and ability to repay all, Past, Present and Future

I also sent out a bubble of peace, love and protection around my home down my block and to an area about 5 square blocks to which I call My Neighborhood. Anyone driving past any of those streets will pass through my Love Bubble. Of course you will want to Cast circle and cleanse yourself and your ritual space prior to engaging Deities and or performing your Work.  I would also suggest a light fasting or very limited whole food caloric intake less than 1000 then go out into nature or do some light walking on the treadmill (30 minutes of very moderate cardio).  This puts your spirit and mind in a state to receive (exhaust the body, relax the mind theory). And Crystals Never hurt…in fact, I dare say, always add Crystals!

What a beautiful way to hold Cosmic Space of Love and send gratitude and appreciation to those people, places, things and Deities that bless your life.  This is a good way to sit with the I AM and evolve and grow Spiritually coming from a place of abundance rather than Begging/pleading and being in a place of Lack. Remember, the fastest way to effect Change and see your environment change according to your desires is to “Bless it (whatever it is) then Release it in Love”.  That (Love) is truly the Oldest Magick there is and in my opinion one of the most powerful ways to Manifest. XOXOXOX   I love you and Blessings to All!

Always With Love,
Sherry The Mystical Goddess



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Happy New Year!

Posted on January 01, 2017 by Sherry

Photo Credit: Unknown Facebook Meme

Ready, Set, Go!! So here we all are Day One 2017 and of course of you are perfect and have no improvements needed or want for nothing, then by all means disregard this article and have fun sitting on your Dead One all year. Must be nice!

Photo Credit: Unknown Facebook Meme

 For the rest of us, time to get down to business as Times flies and waits for no one! I have a lot of shit I am working on that requires my Full on Attention, and the bulk of my energy and Magick!  Again as I mentioned before Goals that have not been placed down on paper at minimum and no dates are at best daydreams and wishful thinking on my humble opinion.  We just had a dark moon on the 28th-29th of December and now we sit at January first 2017 all ready well into the energy of the new year.

So my list has some very High Priority items on them that will require HUGE conjuring of energies, Chaos, Lunar, Planetary and every damn thing else I Can get my mind around.  So to keep it simple for me and My Magick I am giving myself until December 1st to accomplish the following list and in no specific order  (and by no means limited to):

1. Weight reduction by 30 lbs. or more

2. Relocation

3. Transfer Licenses to New states in Both Massage & Real Estate

4. Find new suitable living situation in new locations

5. Sell House here in current location

6. Sort out current business by taking on new partner or dissolving current business

7. Sell or give away all items that will not serve me in the new location

8. Set up new teaching positon in Massage

9. New Real Estate position

10. Hook up with buddies already in new location

11. Continue to grow current businesses so as to have a following and funds to live on in new location

12. At least $10k in Savings

13. Finish Goddess Studies Schooling

14. Finish Paper to complete Masters Degree

15. Continue to write and contribute creatively to blogs and articles

16. Continue drawing and painting for Gallery and online sales as well as improving skills

17. Meditate Daily

18. Finish decorating office and get professional photos done

Ok you get the point, I have A LOT to do, and I haven’t got a single moment to lose.

Some Lessons & Wisdom carried over from 2016 to help me accomplish all this?

Photo Credit: Unknown Facebook Meme

1. Releasing (drop like it’s hot!) all Person, places and things that do not contribute to the above list

2. Work Smarter not Harder (daily scheduling that serves me and my goals damn everyone else’s issues)

3. Say NO when I want to Say no(or mean to) Screw all the Poor Mouthing Suckers

4. Honor my body and Feelings when I am fucking tired

5. Making daily Energy Choices that best serve me. If that means skipping weekends for the over all greater good of accomplishing my goals so be it.

6.  Zero Tolerance for Emotional Abuse or Manipulations

7. Separate myself physically and Spiritually guard against all known and unknown Energy Vampires

8. Keep the Finer Details of my overall plan to myself . I have put a lot out here, but not enough to destroy or diminish the Magick.

9. Always bear in mind the Serenity Prayer particularly the following: “Courage to change the things I can;”  That is the trick isn’t it, I know what to do, I know what I want and I have to have the courage daily to say No when I mean No and Let the Universe handle people that can’t understand that so I may keep my eye on the prize and bring forth the absolute Life of my Dreams!


My Name is Sherry ~ The Mystical Goddess and In 1 year I will revisit this completed list from a new location and totally different World, you just watch!

 If you need assistance with finding your Path and Figuring out a plan for your next phase in Life Call me for intuitive Guidance and Coaching to get you to the people Place and dreams your deserve!  visit:  and Get 3 Free Minute with me and Find out what Magnificence awaits for you in 2017!

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Posted on November 12, 2016 by Sherry


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New Blogtalkradio Show Coming Soon!

Posted on April 03, 2016 by Sherry

My New Blogtalkradio Show coming soon!

Radio Show Banner

My New Blogtalkradio Show Starts Sunday April 17 at 5 PM EST

Show presented by: Goldylocks Productions

Call in for all things Spiritual, Esoteric, Mysticism and Magic! I also do LIVE Readings!

Stay Tuned!

Rev. Sherry Scott B.Msc.

UOM Logo G


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What are your strategies for staying positive?

Posted on December 27, 2015 by Sherry


I think being positive is just like any other God given talent, you have it or you don’t.  I have no problems with looking on the bright side or finding the good in every situation. Some situations can be more challenging than other, but By God I try!  I have come to the conclusion that not everyone has this gift and if they do not everyone wants to use it.  Like painting, singing, writing or dancing being positive should and does just come naturally with no mental effort required.  How and what strategies do I use to stay positive? Meditation (most days), learning something new all the time (classes, books, and online tutorials), distancing myself from people who are unable or unwilling to even try to be positive and physical exercise.  I also am finding that honoring my moods and whims ; including but not limited to shopping, art, crafting, tarot cards,  and burning candles causes me to be uplifted and high vibrational. I also practice staying in the present moment and at the very least staying in my house two practices that work wonders! Another good trick to staying upbeat and positive is to limit my exposure to American Culture and Programming as much as I can as this is an inherent drag on the human spirit.  Ditch Organized religion of all sorts, being nice and kind to random People and travel also quickly elevate the Positive Vibes!  Last but definitely not least, hang out with your Tribe and cook your own food whenever possible. Remember everything is Energy, Protect your Magic & Keep On Keeping On!

Need A little Help getting over the Hump or an Energy Reiki Session, Chakra Clearing or any other Spiritual Guidance? I can help you clear some junk and connect to your own Intuitive Soul and Life’s purpose so YOU can be at peace and find your own way to Happiness and Positive Living!  In person or Distance/Phone Services Available Call my Google phone:  (972) 863-2814 or Local: 806-928-9041 or Email:

Thank you!

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Think about your days. Where are you wasting the most time?

Posted on December 06, 2015 by Sherry


Where am I wasting time?  That’s hard for me to say, because I am living my life closer to the way I want to live it, more aligned with my true desires.  Because I have finally given myself permission to live according to my own rules, even when I blow a full half an hour scrolling through Facebook posts, I dont feel like it’s wasted time it is MY time.  When you are living in alignment and following your own sense of reality and time everything is Divine, everything is as it should be.  Working 8 to 5 to  in a crap job or married to someone that doesn’t love you, now that’s a waste of time and I am blessed to not be tethered to either.

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Are you a patient person? If so, how do you do it? If not, how are you trying to improve?

Posted on November 29, 2015 by Sherry


I am learning to become as patient as a Saint. I have not always been this calm and collected or accepting of the Universal Flow, however as they say, “Father Time has a way of sitting everyone’s ass down.”  Through my practice of (almost) daily Meditation I am learning to trust the process of my Path and in doing so I am becoming the essence of stillness and patience.  From an very High perspective one could say I am just getting Older and more wise but I would like think I am acquiring new skills via my own brand of Spirituality.  My spirituality goes something like this, Do whatever I am lead to do, when I am lead to do it, with whomever I want for as long as I see fit and all other conventions be damned! So yeah, patience I got it!

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Message from the Elephant Animal Totem

Posted on October 04, 2015 by Sherry

By Sherry Scott ~


The other day while speaking to my friend and spiritual mentor, she mentioned that she felt the energy of the elephant around me and that she could see them raising their trunks to me.  Taking this as a much needed positive message I quickly searched for meanings associated with said Elephants and indeed it was positive.  Immediately words popped up such as: strength, royalty, connection to ancient wisdom, focus, loyalty, patience, family and Self-Care.  Oops…Self-care is a theme that has been popping up in the Energy forecasts lately and other channeled messages I have been browsing on Social Media sites.  It occurred to me, for all the strong positive attributes associated with the Elephant was I nurturing myself and practicing what I preach about Self-care? Sure, I work out and eat clean, I don’t smoke, and I am only a social drinker but what about staying in my power, saying no when I mean no, not accepting every invitation to drama, and not crawling under the splintery crosses of everyone else? Well…

While the message from the Elephants was positive the meaning was multilayered and dynamic as most messages from Spirit are.  Yes I am in a good space for the most part, doing what I know is right and making right decisions for myself, however I am not perfect.   I am a healer and nurturer and I’ll be the first to admit to being an empath.  As the days pass I do get off track and start leaving myself behind spiritually and sometimes physically.  I turn the other cheek to bad behavior, I avoid confrontations if at all possible and I respond to request for help almost immediately. I forgive a lot of foolishness that I see in my day to day life and on top of all that I have an approximate 20 hour a week fitness schedule and I run two companies which does not leave a lot of time for me to Just BE.  This week I had to stop and say Hey where is my fun?

This Friday was the first time in months I went out to piddle around and see art, have a drink, laugh, and talk about anything and everything, but mostly nothing!  I flat out needed to recharge and just exist without plotting to grow my business or doing chores or handling any other “business”. My inner child is very happy and not throwing fits now and frankly neither am I.  This weekend I saw a Facebook Meme that really struck me, it was an empty tea cup and it the message was simply: You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first.  I am also reminded of a great quote from Dodinsky the author of In the Garden of Thoughts, “Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.” Thank you Elephant for lumbering across my path I hear you and message received!

empty cup


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What Is your Energy Forecast this week?

Posted on September 29, 2015 by Sherry

Weekly Energy Forecast for Sept. 28 – Oct. 5, 2015

Read the Month you were Born. (birth month):
JanuaryThis week keep and maintain your own sense of Individuality. Remind yourself that it is okay to follow the beat of your own drummer. You are special and unique and your style and approach to life IS your trademark, don’t change a thing!  People will love you for who you are so don’t feel pressured into being something you are not.


This week you may feel Trapped by your current circumstances in life right now.  Have patience this too shall pass! The current complications are only temporary and maintaining a positive outlook will get you through quicker and easier than griping about it. Free your mind and the doors of the cage will be flung open sooner than you think!


This week consider and be mindful of the next right action for all activities and relationships.  Make calculated decisions and be very clear in your communications at work and with family members.  This is the time to think before you act to avoid having bad decisions come back to haunt you.


This week stand up for who and what you believe in.  Loyalty is always a constant theme with you, however this week relationships could be tested. Do you see a wrong against someone that ought to be corrected?  Stand up for what is right and you will never be wrong!


Have faith no matter what this week! You have tried every option there is and you have worked every formula and done the research. Now the time has come to take the leap of faith and trust that the Universe will be there for you.  You have laid the groundwork for success, now JUMP!


This week draw upon your innermost self for guidance and strength to move you pass all the complications and delays you have been experiencing lately.  No matter what is happening you have the strength to not only make it through this, but win and beat the game with flying colors! Hang in there, you got this!


This week read between the lines and pay attention to everything! Listening not only to people’s words but their gestures and expressions.  What’s NOT being said? What do they really want or mean?  The answers this week will lie in the Silence, sometimes that is the answer!


You have been waiting for something for a long time and this week you will get answers and/or clarity.  Movement either in a trip or shift in life is on the immediate horizon.  Either way the good news is that a wonderful long awaited change is headed your way!


This week really dial into your bodies messages and take a look at your lifestyle. Why not get 30 minutes of cardio in?  Maybe order a salad and skip desert a couple days this week? Are you staying hydrated?  We are earthly creatures and this week your health is priority, remember this is the only body you get!


This week no matter what circumstances are presented to you Vision is required to see the bigger picture.  What may look as though something is being taken from you is really just the Universe clearing a way for you, taking you from Good to Great. You have much to gain in the future so even if things seem particularly difficult understand it is for your Highest and Greatest good!


This week is a time to be still and go within.  Take time out to meditate at least thirty minutes each day to get the vital connection to Spirit you need.  This is a time of non-action, do nothing and wait.  No need to worry all will be revealed in the perfect time and sequence, remember all you have to do is just pause and listen, the answers are coming!


This week be careful of what you are going after or pursing.  Going too hard after one’s desire can easily turn into Lust and cause you to hurt yourself and/or others. Are you thinking of pursuing a relationship or other major endeavor? Be mindful that you do not become obsessive, this will only cause you pain and take a long time to recover from. Relax and let things evolve naturally, if it’s meant to be it will be.


About the Author

Sherry (The Mystical Goddess) is a Spiritualist, Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist & Instructor, Usui Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki Master Teacher, and a RE/MAX Realtor.  Sherry’s other interests and hobbies include: Bodybuilding, painting, writing, reading, and Soul Collage work.  Sherry is a big believer in education who is always learning and working to further her craft and abilities so that she can continue to help you be the Best You! Sherry is located in Lubbock Texas and provides Healing Services and Spiritual Guidance full time.

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Energy Theme after Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Posted on September 29, 2015 by Sherry


Energy theme after Super Blood Moon Eclipse

By Sherry Scott ~


So last night was the spectacular display of the Super Blood Moon Eclipse! I would like to think that at some point during the lunar eclipse every human being on the planet looked up at that beautiful Red golden moon! What an awesome sight to behold and frankly I was glad to be alive to see it! Of course I plan on being around for the next one in 2033 but eighteen years is a long time to wait and who will I be? Where will I be? All delicious topics for another article…So we all know that mankind is going through the ascension process and that huge shifts are happening to everyone on a local and global level. One has simply to turn on the TV, computer or Phone to know that Change is happening and it is touching everyone’s life. So what is the Energy theme after such a notable event as last evening’s eclipse? Upon tuning into my inner and highest self and asking for guidance the answer is clear; Movement. It is time to get up off your dead one and MOVE! Take a trip, join a class, apply for that new job, and maybe find out how much your house is worth. It is now time to make changes, make decisions and move with the Spirit as it were. All obstacles are being moved and the portals are being open to make the way easy for next steps and solidifying plans. It is high time for a change of scenery and real tangible life changes. I truly felt a shift last night as I was praying, burning incense and candles and staring at the fabulous moon. I for one am ready for the next chapter whatever it is, the thought of being where I am even a month from now is frightening. I need real movement and change and so does the planet. It’s time to ask, what’s next? 🙂


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